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essentials are the foundation of a solid wardrobe as
these styles are carefully selected in terms of quality,
colour and fit. the collection constains everything from
a cool pair of jeans, a classic tailored blazer
and a soft white t-shirt.

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personal style and expression 

the styles' silhouettes make you prepared for exploring your
personal style and expression. at the same time, the mix between
materials and colours help to give all outfits an edge - each
composition has its own identity.




essentials are the foundation of a
modern wardrobe. its styles you 
will keep coming back to



simple tones 

the collection consists of simple colours, supplemented
with new, exciting nuances matching seasonal trends.




the foundation

the urban and casual look is the foundation of
essentials. from these styles, you can explore
your look; do you want your style to be more colourful,
with more patterns or something else? no matter what,
essentials are the styles you go back to - whether you
want to explore your style more deeply. 




beyond basics 

essentials are more than just wardrobe basics.
these styles are both comfortable and elegant.
basically, it is important to us that our essentials
reflect high quality, so the styles are comfortable
while giving you a cool look.

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