Discover the captivating world of glassblowing with the skilled and imaginative artist, Ned Cantrell. Join us as we visit his workshop in the picturesque landscape of Djursland.

What is your background?
I started blowing glass at art school in my native England in 1994. Afterwards working in factories and workshops learning the craft of glassblowing. In 2004 we started our own workshop "Nyholm Cantrell Glas" in Aarhus together with my wife Karen Nyholm. Then later moved to Ebeltoft in 2015.

What is so fascinating about glass?
The material glass is a flowing, transparent liquid. There is no other material like it. The process of forming hot liquid glass is seductive and fun.

You seem to have created a very playful universe that stands out from others glass artists. Can you describe it?
I take inspiration from popular culture, mass produced plastic toys, tattoos, cartoons, consumerism... The techniques and processes I use to create realistic detail are time consuming and expensive compared to regular glassblowing.

You are located in Ebeltoft on Djursland. Why did you decide to settle exactly here?
We had the opportunity to buy the home and workshop of glass pioneers Finn Lynggaard and Tchai Munch. The house is from 1860 and there has been a glass workshop here since around 1980. It has a great atmosphere. Ebeltoft has 6 glassblowing workshops, around 20 glass artists and a glass museum.