Q&A: Anne Sophia, 23, singer, fearless

We met up with the ‘short hair don’t care’ attitude girl from Copenhagen to talk everything from chasing the imperfect to why being fearless has a total opposite meaning in her world.

Q: Your life in a hashtag?
A: #fearless.
I am not fearless. Actually, I am quite the opposite. However, in my opinion being fearless does not necessarily mean that you are not afraid. I rather think of it as you are fearless if you defy your existing fear and do it anyway. It is natural to be afraid, but it takes a lot to overcome the things we are afraid of and it is so cool when we do it. I have always been good at defying my fears and will always strive to keep being good at it.

Q: Your mantra in life?
A: “Everything happens for a reason”. Pretty clichéd, but it has turned out so many times for me to be true. When something unexpected happens, or when everything feels dark, I always seem to find out why I had to go through it. It could be a break-up or a collaboration that went wrong. It may feel really sad in the moment, but there is always a reason for why it happened. New and better things always find their way.

Q: Your go-to outfit?
A: Jeans and an oversized t-shirt. When I do not know what to wear, I jump straight into a pair of jeans and a big ass t-shirt. Most often my boyfriend’s.

Q: Your favourite season?
A: Spring. I like it when it is not too cold or too hot, so Spring is the perfect season for me! I love the uplifting feeling I get when it is starting to get brighter after a long, dark Winter.

Q: Your favourite colour?
A: I've always had such a hard time choosing a favorite colour, but right now it's the colour red. Probably mostly because I just dyed my hair red.

Q: Your style icon?
A: Sophia Hadjipanteli is a famous model with monobrows, which she rocks fantastically. She is so cool and different, and I admire her a lot! And then Miley Cyrus. I think that I hardly need to explain why. She is just so weirdly cool, and I love how she plays with different expressions. It is something I cultivate a lot myself. She is the coolest.

Q: Your definition of beauty?
A: Different and imperfect! I am always drawn to special types. I think, for example, that it is so beautiful with a large gap between the front teeth, or as mentioned before Sophia Hadjipanteli with her monobrow. And then girls with short hair. I love it! I really do not think that beauty equals perfection.