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when coffee becomes a craft
la cabra | aarhus

when coffee becomes a craft

there is nothing like a great cup of coffee. if you ask us, the best coffee in aarhus is served at la cabra - a café that provides a quality experience. we went to the coffee shop to have a chat with the founder esben piper and business partner benjamin evar about their dedication to the small brown bean.

you can feel it the moment you walk in: the smell of freshly grinded beans, the clean lines of the interior, and the feeling that in here, coffee isn't just coffee. in the charming streets of the latin quarter, you'll find la cabra - a modern café with an authentic feel. a big part of why this is our favourite café, is the owners. benjamin and esben insist on being a part of the full coffee process - from the seeding to the finished brew. "we are traveling 6-7 times a year, to visit our suppliers at the coffee plantations around the world. it's very important for us to get a hands-on feeling. in this way we manage not only to see the manufacturing and techniques behind our coffee, but we understand the whole process ourselves", explains esben.


quality matters

the annual trips are a big part of the job, since a lot of time is needed to find the right beans. "we are quite focused on quality and are constantly looking for ways to improve. because of the trips we know that our coffee is produced under the best conditions possible", benjamin explains.

it's not only the beans that are carefully selected. "water is an important part of a great cup of coffee, it has a huge impact on the taste. that's why we need to make sure that our water contains as few minerals as possible. the same applies for the roast - you wouldn't want beans that are green or over-roasted", he explains.

the supplies and the treatments are both very important factors at la cabra: "you can have the best roaster on the market, but if your supplies aren't matching in quality, it will be difficult for you to get a good result", benjamin explains.


a great cup of coffee

according to benjamin, good beans and the right brew aren't the only important things: "there is a story behind a great cup of coffee - you should be able to taste the origin and the honesty". the boys agree: coffee is more than the sum of its parts. "coffee is a combination of agriculture and culture. i don't think you should underestimate the cultural significance of coffee - it connects people", esben explains.


a café with a personal touch

"whether you drop by alone or are meeting up with friends and family, cafés have always been an urban oasis for people. it's a place everyone can go to and relax", benjamin explains. cafés give you the possibility to escape reality for a short moment. that's why the owners value a personal touch in their café. the identity is clearly noticeable in the interior, their packages and their logo - something we at minimum really admire.


it's important to us that the café
feels just like home” 


you can clearly feel that nothing is there by accident. "the interior is carefully selected through our friends, families and business agents. many of the pieces we have in the café have an underlying, personal story to them". personal experiences and memories play a big part in the simple and stylish expression of the café.

even the name of the café has its own story: "i am fascinated by picassos she-goat, so i asked a friend to draw a version of the sculpture for me. that is the story of our name la cabra (the goat) and our logo", esben explains.


their big passion for the tiny bean and the clear aesthetic of the brand is why we believe that the best coffee in aarhus is served at la cabra. whether you live in aarhus or plan to visit the city, we recommend you drop by the café, for a unique coffee-experience.