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the secret party


the secret party

we are entering a more glamourous period of the year; christmas and new year’s are just around the corner. it’s a time where we put in a little more effort into making ourselves look good when we go out.

when you’re going for a night out with your friends, you normally end up in the same bars and pubs that you did the last time – or if they are not the same, they look awful like the ones you know. it might be interesting to go to places you normally don’t come, however. there is an environment, a culture, a party that’s different from the others – and where only a few lucky people find their way in.

these places are called speak-easy bars. you’ll find them in places you normally wouldn’t go – in the back of restaurants, behind closed store fronts and in questionable alleyways. however, when you open the door to these secret bars, you are walking into a world of exclusivity where fresh ingredients and high quality is of the utmost importance.


secret bars have been around since the 1800s. in this time and era, authorities were kept at bay, so barkeepers wouldn’t have to pay taxes. as time progressed, so did the views on drinking alcohol. in the us, alcohol consumption was seen as a negative part of life, and as a result, prohibition came into effect from 1920 to 1933. this led to speak-easy bars shooting up everywhere. along the streets of new york, a curious number of new stores opened. however, most of them just functioned as a front, hiding cocktail bars in the back where access was only granted with the correct password.


after prohibition, most speak-easy bars disappeared. especially when clubbing and fast-pace drinks became popular, speak-easies were nowhere to be found. however, as the years went by, the interest for delicious cocktails made from fresh ingredients became popular again. throughout the 2000s and 2010s the speak-easy bars came around again – not because of illegality in drinking alcohol but as a gimmick and an homage to the history.

today, you can find speak-easy bars all over the world. if you’re ever in new york city, get yourself down to please don’t tell. we won’t take the experience away from you, but your adventure will include a hotdog shop and a phone booth. if you’re in berlin, you should stop by buck & breck. a store front with a “closed” sign will be the only clue you get from us. lastly, if you’re in paris, you should take a trip through hotel 1k and ask for la mezcaleria and see where this might take you.


here at minimum, we have found inspiration in the “secret parties” and the exclusivity that constitutes speak-easy bars for our christmas styles in our new winter collection. with a twist to this, we have created pieces that show exclusivity in a casual and less formal way. from the beginning, we have strived to make pieces where quality and casual glamour were combined. this has led us to use materials such as velvet and lace in high quality. these styles will make you ready for the next party just around the corner.

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