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styling tips by karoline dall
the new moves collection

5 outfits from the new moves collection

blogger and stylist karoline dall loves colours, prints and a good pair of jeans. as a former fashion assistant at the danish fashion magazine costume, she now works as a freelance stylist and runs a successful fashion blog. karoline is a fashionista, and her profile stands out with a predilection for colourful outfits and innovative stylings. 

we have paid karoline a visit, and she has selected and styled her five favourite outfits from the new moves collection.


1. the everday blazer

karoline easily found the first outfit. she tells us, that a blazer is great for everyday use if you just add a pair of jeans – otherwise, it will be too neatly. it’s all about mixing different styles, so it won’t be too feminine or sporty. 

 “i love check patterns and stripes. i have chosen the bessia blazer and sibi jumper because of the tones that recur in both styles, which softens the outfit”, says karoline. your outfit will be messy, if you mix too many colours without synergy.

sibi jumper, bessia blazer + her own jeans

2. for a night out

the magali shirtdress with green stripes quickly caught karolines interest. without hesitation, she matched the dress with the adelie pants. again, she likes to mix patterns and fabrics to perk up the outfit. “you should never be afraid to mix patterns and colours”. 

in this outfit, she also plays with different styles, and she explains: “the long shirtdress makes the outfit loose. if you choose a shirt or a short blazer to the dressed pants, the look will be more business-like”. karoline styles the outfit with a pair of stilettos, to make it more festive, but a pair of sneakers is perfect for everyday use. to add a little extra to the outfit, karoline chose a red clutch. 

as an alternative to the striped shirt, karoline explains, that you can mix the pants with a checked shirt. “check pattern is always good – i love any kind of check pattern, and a checked shirt would be super cool to these pants”. 

adelie pants, magali dress, her own stilettos and bags 

3. dots and stripes

karoline challenged herself with this outfit. ”usually, i don’t wear polo’s, because i don’t think they look good on me. but this one is very nice”, she says, while she holds out the fessa jumper.  

she mixes prints and fabrics to get a fresh look. she styles the striped jumper with glitter in it, with a wrap-around skirt with dots – the styles challenge each other in a clever way. to make the outfit less feminine, karoline chose a pair of sneakers. “you can also style it with leather boots – as long as you keep the balance between the neat and the cool”. 

fessa jumper, her own skirt and sneakers

4. it's all about the details

the striped helfrid pants were one of the first styles that karoline found. she was not in doubt about how she should style them, and went directly for a top in a contrast colour to the green pants. she chose the serah shirt in the burned orange colour, where pearl buttons and broidery on the collar makes the outfit more soft and feminine. “it’s the little things that make it interesting”, karoline says.

this outfit contains both contrasts and colour combinations. the warm orange recurs in the coat that is karolines own. it brings masculinity to the outfit as a contrast to the feminine shirt and the casual pants. “it has to look like you have spent time on your look, but not too much – everything is not supposed to match in colours and fabrics. contrasts are great”.

helfrid pants, serah shirt and her own coat

5. the floral print

“this dress is so pretty in itself that it doesn’t need much styling”, says karoline about the finka dress. she has styled it with red tights to make it more fun and festive – you can also style it with yellow, pink or grey tights. “if you choose black tights to this dress, it will weigh down the look, because the dress is so light”, she says, and explains that a pair of jeans is perfect, if you are not good at coloured tights.

to challenge the pretty floral print, karoline styles the dress with a pair of sneakers and mention that you can choose boots as well. she explains that you can also style the dress with a checked jacket, a coloured knit or a men’s coat.