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ruffians x minimum
a creative colab

the best haircut in london

any great outfit needs a great haircut to match. that is why we took the trip to the uk and teamed up with the best barber in london – in our humble opinion – ruffians. a creative collaboration where the goal is to bring fashion and hairstyle together. “we know that fashion is not just about clothes, it is about lifestyle, and hair is a very important part of the modern man’s lifestyle”, says marcus harris, minimum’s uk sales


a stylish evening

the focus of the collaboration was an exclusive event in the fashion and lifestyle store aida on the 23rd of november. with aida’s authentic and inspirational store it is the perfect location for minimum and ruffians to come together. wearing the unique minimum x ruffians t-shirt, barbers treated visitors to a haircut while aida showed off the outfits to match and served quality sipping rum.


an eye for detail

the thought behind this collaboration is that the interest and needs of men have changed. ruffians’ eye for detail and a holistic approach to customer experience is rooted in this idea. the modern man does not just commit to one type of interest like food, clothing, travel, grooming etc. – he consumes content from all groups on a lifestyle level. “it’s not just the haircut, it is the experience and lifestyle that goes with it”, says adam bodini, marketing and communications manager in ruffians. he believes that the reason why ruffians has been so successful is because they go that step longer for the customers. “we care, we deliver quality, we’re relaxed but serious and we focus on details”. people are looking for an escape from their busy life, and ruffians is there to give them something extra.


your style in both hair and clothes is not just for the look, it is the story about who you are. the collaboration is all about bringing the two aspects of style together, and helping the modern man tell his story right.

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