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pre-spring 19

pre-spring 19

our new pre-spring collection is inspired by the classic college look. this retro vibe is supplemented by modern, scandinavian minimalism and design.

we’ve used materials like corduroy to soften the ‘preppy’ college look. also, with a poppy orange the collection gets a refreshing and sporty attitude – just in time for spring.

read along here to get a glimpse of the five themes the collection is inspired by.

fresh college

the classic ivy league college look is known across the world. with this collection, we’ve given the look a brush up with new materials, details and exciting colours. our jeff 2.0 jacket, pictured below, is a great example of this with its orange contrast.


orange pop

one of the most important colours in this collection is sea buckthorn orange. this colour creates a stylish contrast to the darker green, blue and brown shades that you also find in the collection. at the same time, these contrasts bring out the beautiful details of each piece in the collection.


vintage florals

florals have been incorporated into the collection as a new take on retro prints. the colourful floral prints are making the pieces come alive and create attention to the details. these pieces go great with styles in more discreet colours as shown below.


multiple stripes

another big theme in this collection is stripes. on both the female and male part of the collection, we’ve added stripes of different shapes and sizes to bring the sporty college look to life. a good example of this is our halden knit, which is pictured below.


heritage inspired check

check is still a prominent look in the fashion industry, and therefore, we’ve used this pattern to create sophisticated looks for both the female and male collection. the checked pieces create contrasts to neutral colours, like white and beige, but also more colourful shades like orange. the dorthe jacket, which is pictured below, is a good example of this.


check out the new pre-spring collection now: female | male