Breathing new life into our old stock, we present our circular collection, remade from recycled textiles and certified organic cotton. Cleaning up in our own backyard, we have utilized our residual stock and looped them into the production of new designs. While exploring alternative ways to reuse residual stock, our product-to-product recycling is just one out of many creative solutions we keep on wanting to find. We call our first attempts IMPACT 01 RE:MADE and IMPACT 02 RE:MADE.

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Cleaning up in our own backyard, we have collected excess stock to develop new Minimum styles from.


At our partnering circurlar factory, the old Minimum styles are sorted and cut into small pieces.


The cut fabric goes through a grinder to tear out the original fibers, resulting in a unique fiber mass.


To strengthen the shortened fibers, certified organic cotton is added to the shredded fabric.


Resulting in the unisex and limited RE:MADE collections.