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nordic colour blocks
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colourful blocks of summer

the high summer collection embraces the peppy neighbourhoods and nature of our home-town aarhus. rich and vivid colours are adding a new twist to the else way simple scandinavian styles, where colourblocks and hidden contrast form the energizing collection this summer.


outgoing yellow

the vibrant and energizing yellow colour highlights the femininity in the female styles and holds on to the warm and sunny days, the joyful colour brings to us. the outgoing colour is noticeable throughout the construction and architecture of the classical buildings in the central aarhus.

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the engergizing yellow colours
highlights the femininity 



gents in green

the male styles have taken a cooler and cleaner take on the green colour. the delicate and fresh nuances speak to the need of exploration and reinvention, that investigates the retro elements in a new and modern way.
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fresh nuances speak to the need of
exploration and reinvention