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moves spring collection 2018
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flower prints and spring feelings

spring is getting closer and we look forward to leaving the freezing temperatures and heavy jackets behind – one of the big trends this season is flowers, both in interior decoration and in fashion design. The spring collection from moves explores this trend.

this spring flowers will be one of the dominating trends in fashion, but what impact do flowers have on us and why are they so popular this spring? we have talked with two experts about the blooming trend.

blooming business

flowers are back stronger than ever, and they are visible everywhere. we had a talk with a professional florist about the blooming demands for floral ornaments. “we have truly felt a higher request for flowers lately, and i believe that it might be due to the increased interests from the fashion industry, but also due to the fact, that florals are a huge trend on the social media”, states anna-sofie, florists at the aarhus based store, blomsterværket.

we cannot hide from the fact that the many colours and shapes have an impact on our mood. “we associate flowers with love – so to give a bouquet of flowers is considered a romantic or loving gesture”. it is the feelings we attach to flowers, that makes them so special – whether it is for the wedding or the funeral, flowers will always be an object that expresses our compassion for someone or the love we have for one another. ”i believe that it is due to the strong connotations flowers have, that we now, more than before decorate our homes with them”, says anna-sofie.

wardrobe blossoms

“flowers have truly made a comeback and is one of the biggest trends this spring”, explains ditte bossen, chief designer at moves. with elegant colours and romantic expressions, the floral prints are dominating the new collection from moves. the collection has found its inspiration in the city of love, paris, where ditte and her design team have been inspired by the romantic streets of momantres and the vintage shops hiding in the alleys of passage verdeau.

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“flowers are a symbol of romance, and by drawing those romantic elements into something slightly more modern, it has been possible for us to create styles that have a combination of the romantic and rough”, ditte explains. according to ditte fashion is all about creating your own personal look and being able to lighten up simple styles with features such as floral prints – it’s all about combining fresh colours with long lengths – the heavy laces and the bold prints are among dittes favorites in the collection.

whether you decide to go for a beautiful flower dress or lighten up your home with fresh lilies, there is one thing you can be sure of – spring is coming.

moves spring collection 2018
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