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moves muse: frederikke thiberg

say hello to frederikke!


she’s a stylist, influencer and personal assistant for the danish top influencer emili sindlev. oh, and she is by the way 19 years old, founder of the brand ’the good statement’, just graduated from high school and at the moment living at the design school krabbesholm. we spend a day with the superhuman and our moves muse frederikke thiberg, where she styled our pre winter collection and we talked about crazy color combinations and her creative endeavors.


frederikke is wearing the fiolina knit styled with her own pants and belt

what to wear this fall

“i’m a great advocater of colors all year around. i don’t think you should restrict yourself to ‘summer and winter colors’, but instead use the whole palette as you like. choose strong colors instead of pastels and mix different combinations to get the color blocking look. in general, i’m a huge fan of mixing colors, prints, silhouettes and textures in all kinds of ways. to me there are no rules.”


frederikke is wearing our belva jacket, kalana dressed pant and ranalia blouse.


with exactly the idea of mixing in mind, our pre-winter collection is a big fusion of what’s normally not a part of the season: a blend of pink, red and bordeaux colors along with different prints and silhouettes. the red and pink colors add youth and freshness to what is normally dark and shady for this time of the year. meanwhile the bordeaux color sets a romantic mood.

a skirt with color blocking flower print and a denim set which takes us back the 70's and early 00's are some examples from the collection. it gives the opportunity to dress in a full matching set from top to toe but still with the freedom to combine the unpredicted.


frederikke has styled our christianne blouse with her own pants and shoes

a twisted turn

currently frederikke is studying at the design line at krabbesholm højskole, where she improves her skills through different projects:

 “actually, my dream scenario is to do what i’m doing right now – just more of it. i dream of doing more styling work, because to me it’s where i get to be more creative. but i would also like to do some more designing.” 

frederikke has styled our fawn skirt and yvala t-shirt with her own shirt and shoes

in a symphony of creativity frederikke is mixing the collection with different vintage items and combining the unexpected:

“take for example these two items…” frederikke grabs the ulysia dress and the masina skirt: “i will style them together with the skirt atop of the dress. not the most obvious pick, but it will give the outfit a great volume.”
frederikke has styled our masina skirt with her own shoes and knit.


moves muse on the go

at a relatively young age frederikke has already build up quite some work experience, and now she can also add moves muse to her long resume:
“i think i have been quite lucky to know pretty early what i want to do for a living. since i started working in the fashion industry, i’ve never ever doubted that’s what i want to do. i have never looked back since. all my life i have had a million things to do at the same time. now i really look forward just to focusing on the one thing i want to do. and do that 100 %. at the same time, i know myself well enough to know that it just does not get that way. i always find something new and exciting that i'm going to play with."
with a thousand things on mind, a packed calendar and countless of errands, most people would get puffed and lag behind. but as one of the few, frederikke is always a step ahead. always well-dressed, always trendy and always a daily inspiration. that’s a true moves muse to us!


 frederikke is wearing the fiolina knit styled with her own pants and belt