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paris is known as one of the fashion capitals of the world, with a long and rich history of cultural significance. our creative team gives the low down on how we find inspiration in the beautiful city.

it’s february and with paris fashion week just around the corner, our menswear team are looking for inspiration for the coming seasons. trips like these are a fundamental part of the creative process since it’s here they find ideas for the future collections. “my team and i are regularly on such trips, in order for us to clear our minds form the everyday life. when you arrive to a big city, you are met with many new impressions - both from people, but also from the environment and architecture”, explains head of menswear joe o’neill.
this time the team went to our showroom in the 2nd arrondissement, made a passing visit to the pompidou center and took a look around nikelab p75.


”experience authentic
and inspiring culture”

the 2nd arrondissement in central paris has, for many years, been known as a business and residential district, with busy stands and beautiful architecture. “our french showroom happens to be in this area, so naturally we spend a lot of time in the neighborhood. the area has some discrete vintage shops and cool cafes that we always come back to”, joe explains.

if you want to get the best out of the neighborhood, you have to get up early. “just like the locals, we get up early to enjoy the quiet mornings with freshly brewed espresso and some croissants in our favorite café, le compas on rue montorgueil. if you go early enough, it’s perfect if you just want to experience some authentic parisian life”, states joe.


”when industry
meets fashion”

apart from fantastic local retail, joe and the team also find inspiration in the distinctive buildings around paris – among them, the famous pompidou center, with its characteristic glass walls, prominent steel pillars and multicolored tubes. the pompidou center is known for housing the biggest museum for modern art in europe. “i’m very fascinated by the industrial expression and this building is very inspiring on so many levels – the pompidou center was one of the places i really wanted to see on this trip and i was quite happy to finally get some pictures of it”, joe explains.

the unusual architecture relates to joe’s idea about the identity of minimum: “one part of what makes minimum cool is it’s industrial setting and placement. i want to take the idea of raw, honest material and bold expressions and create items with a premium industrial touch”.


”pushing the boundaries
for fashion”

in the heart of the 4th arrondissement, in an old marais bookstore, lies nikelab p75. only five nikelab stores exists around the globe – so if you happened to be near one of them, we recommend that you drop in for a unique experience. nikelab is far from any regular nike store, and when you enter the lab, you can expect to see less commonly found pieces and cool, exclusive sneakers. “we love to see nikelab, since they carry less common labels that are constantly pushing the boundaries for sporty fashion. their designs are very technical but at the same time extremely fashion forward”, joe explains.


stores like this inspires joe and the team, since they show how fashion is constantly being challenged. “we wouldn’t be seeing this these new expressions, if we kept our daily routines in the office. traveling is an important part of the process for the design team. we have to challenge ourselves and our exiting ideas”