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living the good life in klitmøller
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living the good life in klitmøller

we took a trip to thy and the northwestern part of denmark to hear more about the life in the beautiful but harsh nature.

in august, we launched our aw18 collection, portrait | landscape. as the name hints, it’s inspired by the photographic format of landscape. for our campaign, we shot the new collection in thy – a harsh wasteland of beautiful nature in the northern part of jutland. these campaign photos show the collection’s inspiration of this fascinating area’s environment and colours. within the area of thy on a small coastline tip, a village called klitmøller is located. in our exploration of this small village, we searched to find out how life is lived when you are so close to nature. as we looked around, we came to talk with benjamin nissen and kirstine korsgaard, who live in klitmøller and work as surf instructors at westwind surf shop. as you soon will read, they live and breathe the nature of this area.

kirstine wearing wexa and corintha.

klitmøller is a former fishing village but has over time developed into a surfer’s paradise. despite the village’s modest size of 968 inhabitants, klitmøller has not gone unnoticed internationally. people from all over the planet now travel to what has been dubbed ‘cold hawaii’ to explore the impressive nature and take on the wild waves, which can give even the most skilled surfer a good challenge. however, if you want to try the danish waves yourself, you got to have patience and wait for the exact moment when water and weather conditions combine in perfect symphony to create the great waves. actually, there probably doesn’t exist a better word to describe klitmøller and its inhabitants than ‘patience’. there’s patience with each other, with nature and in daily life; it’s necessary when you’re part of a community who’s love and need for the ocean are as big as klitmøller inhabitants’ are.

everybody helps everybody, and we'll manage
whatever challenge that might come


kirstine describes how she woke up in the back of a car at 4 am in agger, excited to ride the waves. agger is a small coastline village located south of klitmøller. a rumour about good weather conditions in the area had spread the day before, so kirstine and her friends had decided to take the trip the night before and wait the night over, so they would be ready to get in the water at the right time.

out in the moor, sporting litka og belinde

kirstine is 19 years old and has lived in klitmøller her whole life. when you ask her if she’ll ever move away, she smiles, says “no” and adds that she would never be able to live without the nature that has surrounded her throughout her life. the nature has a calming effect on her – and the village.
“what is so fascinating about klitmøller is that there is a totally different mentality than you experience elsewhere. often, i see how people in the bigger cities have entrenched habits and are more focused on themselves. opposite, people in klitmøller are more concerned with hospitality. everybody helps everybody, and we’ll manage whatever challenge that might come.”

i've gotten excited by the idea of living in a local community where you know the people you meet” 

the hospitality and the local presence are also aspects benjamin appreciates. benjamin is 20 years old and moved to klitmøller two years ago. like kirstine, benjamin couldn’t imagine living anywhere else: “i’ve gotten excited by the idea of living in a local community where you know the people you meet, and you say ‘hello’ to each other. everybody is close to each another – or it feels that way because even though you might not know them all that well, you have a shared goal and a common idea about what life is and how it should be lived.” benjamin further explains that the surfer culture – that is very much present in klitmøller – is about more than just having a shared interest for the sport. it’s a lifestyle where you have shared values, like looking after the environment.

benjamin wearing rauma and wexford 3.0.

for both benjamin and kirstine, who live side by side with nature, the weather plays a big role in their lives – not only does the weather create the waves they ride, but the weather also has an impact on how they dress. warm and high quality outerwear is essential in a wardrobe that needs to withstand the harsh nature. as with benjamin and kirstine, who are inspired by nature daily, our aw18 collection takes the same inspiration and showcases style and durability at the same time.

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