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inspired by: emma martiny
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inspired by: emma martiny

blogger, influencer and author are just some of the many titles included on emma martinys resumé. we met up with the aarhus based entrepreneur for a photoshoot and a talk to get to know more about her personal style, sense of fashion, and her best styling tips.

aarhus bound

we met with emma by the public library dook1 located in the heart of aarhus, just across the minimum headquarters. since its opening in 2015, dokk1 has become an almost iconic architectural trademark for the city of aarhus, attracting both locals and tourists to the habour area.

since emma has her base in aarhus, we asked her about her favourite fall activities on a day in the city:

“if the autumn sun is out, i would definitely go for a walk through the city and all the way to riis skov - the forest is so beautiful this time of the year. i would bring a cup of coffee from the café altura to keep warm. on rainy days, i would seek shelter and inspiration in the art museums aros or kunsthallen.”


styling for fall

with the fall season right around the corner, we look forward to lay the foundation for new styling opportunities with a few wardrobe updates. our aw19 collection is dropping online and in stores these weeks. built up by memories, styles that we remember and liked back in the days are picked up and presented in a new context, giving the collection a nostalgic throwback.

the collection has a vintage vibe which is interpreted in an upgraded modern context. the colour scheme portrays a combination of warm, friendly earth-tones and joyful brights of yellow, blue and purple for a fresh and new expression and a bit of colour also in the darker months to come.

we asked emma how she is going to style her minimum items for fall:

"layers! perhaps a boring and practical tip, but also pretty - i love combining materials like silk and knit in the fall."

styling with layers is always on-trend and can be done in many cool, or should we say toasty, ways. tie your outfit layers together by choosing a colour that recurs in several items, just as the brown colour here.


emma martiny's selections

while the shorter days and colder weather calls for cozying up indoors, it also makes room for new ways to style your summer items by pairing them with season concrete items. we asked emma martiny about her three favourite pieces from the aw19 collection.

she lists the checked jumpsuit tvilla, the striped jeans arkansas, and the burgundy crossbody bag seja.

emma's three selections can easily make for essential additions for the new season. classic jeans with a twist form a cool everyday item, the cute jumpsuit is perfect with sneakers for everyday or heels if the occasion is right, and the bag is spacious and practical. classic items, with an updated twist - just as the core of minimum.


emma martiny is the personification of what we at minimum are inspired by - a charismatic, inspiring, and at the same time energetic and down to earth chic woman. if you are also inspired by her kind smile and calm vibe, head on over to her blog or her instagram profile.