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inside a creative mind
designer joe o'neill

meet our new menswear designer

the new minimum menswear designer, joe o’neill, is a real fashion nerd. He finds inspiration wherever he goes and aims to bring the best of aarhus into his work.

“i like how small and easy aarhus is, but still with a city vibe. it’s possible to be in the forest and down by the beach within 15 minutes of central aarhus, which isn’t something that you can do in many cities”. 26-year-old joe o’neill is the new creative mind behind minimum’s menswear collections. because of his english origins joe has a fresh view on aarhus where he has been living for almost a year. “i think aarhus has a realness which many cities lose, as they develop”, he says. joe relocated to aarhus when he took on the task of redefining minimum menswear; a project where he is going back to the roots of the company, and discovering what’s really cool about the brand, aarhus and the nordic lifestyle.

riis skov is a forest located in the middle of aarhus. riis skov is well-attended all year round with its central location and the unique view over the sea.

not just a fashion nerd

“i am interested by designers who create fashion from a different standpoint”, joe says and explains his nerdy approach to design, and how he digs into fabrics, processes and expressions looking for newness. for joe, working with such details is important to the nordic approach to fashion - clothing should be innovative and long lasting. “i have an interest in material and process, and twisting the meaning of those concepts to create new design”

joe is a nerd in more than one way. “i’m an english beer nerd and it’s something i really miss from home. here in denmark you don’t have real cask beer anywhere”, he says. Joe has however found some danish beer he does like “naturally i love mikeller bar”. Joe explains how he appreciates the variety and creativity that mikeller puts in to their beer and brand “melding together multiple creative disciplines to create a really beautiful, complex but understandable brand. that inspires me”, he says.
mikkeller has its own bar in jægergårdsgade in aarhus. at the bar, you can enjoy well-crafted beers of many different varieties in cozy surroundings.​

”it has to be impossible not to see it”

aarhus is the keyword in joes design and if you ask him it has to be impossible not to see it. “aarhus is an industrial city, and i want to put that history of industry into the collections”, he says and elaborates that he aims to brings the industrial vibe through in fabrics, processes, form and colour. because of minimum’s origins in aarhus, joe finds it very important that the styles are inspired by the city and the nordic values it represents.
one of the places that joe often visits is riis skov. he comes to the forest, not just to walk his dog, but to find peace and inspiration. “i grew up in a rural area, so for me being out in the forest or walking the dog in a muddy field is what sundays are made for”, joe continues: “i think it’s important to have that breathing space when you work in such an intense creative industry”.

dokk1 is one of joe’s favourite spots in aarhus and he finds inspiration for his designs in the architectural elements. “dokk1 is, in my opinion, one of the most exciting pieces of modern architecture in denmark. it works perfectly, and blends in quite seamlessly with the traditional architecture, without compromising itself”, he mentions that it is a real pleasure to ride past on his bike every day.

dokk1 is the new multifunctional library in aarhus. it opened in 2015 and is located on the harbour of aarhus

for joe, it’s important to show that minimum is a nordic brand with roots firmly in aarhus, and elaborates: “the moment we explicitly say what we are, it becomes too derivative. i want people to see hints of this industrial heritage throughout all collections, garments and imagery. it’s important that you can see where our inspiration comes from: aarhus".

focusing strongly on the brand’s core values, nordic, urban and contemporary, spring/summer 2018 is joe’s first collection for minimum. it drops in january and focuses on fresh updates to timeless classics.