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our responsibility

minimum care about the environment and are desired to ensure safety throughout the whole supply chain. we understand our obligations towards better conditions for human and the environment, including the guarantee of correct ethical working conditions in the production of our garments. we ensure that animals have been treated with respect according to the law and recommendation to avoid our end user of being exposed to any harmful substances in the product.

good conditions

having serval suppliers around the globe we must ensure, that everyone in our supply-chain is met with identical basic human needs. the code of conduct of minimum respects and supports human rights, why we sign an ethical agreement with our suppliers.

the agreement builds on the principles concerning the prohibition of child labor and the injunction of producing in surroundings that may be in danger for the workers. to ensure the working environments, the minimum employees are regular visiting and in dialogue with our suppliers to follow up on the conditions and ensure that the supplier is maintaining the agreed-on conducts.

the minimum code of conduct is based on the ilo conventions and the un global compact. it is expected that the supplier must comply with the above-mentioned recommendations. no business can expect to be conducted with suppliers failing to meet the code of conduct of minimum.

animal welfare

our approach of using animals in production must be treated with dignity and respect. we believe that our animals should be treated according to animal welfare laws. this concerns the abandon of real fur in our products, ensuring that the use of leather from animals have been properly bred and treated in their living years and that the animals must be properly skinned or plucked.

in minimum we find the respect and protection of animals very important. therefore, the animal used for any minimum products must be conducted by using the quickest and the least painful method. the concern on animal welfare is continuing to improve and we are constantly searching for new and better improvements within this matter.

chemical restrictions

minimum is acting under the reach legislation to accommodate better conditions for us and our environment. to protect the workers who works with chemicals, to avoid any harmful materials being exposed to our customers and aiming for a cleaner environment.

we encourage our suppliers to reach development under environmentally friendly technologies and undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility. we have made six environmental standards concerning, a maintenance of reporting, waste reduction of water and energy, air emissions, hazardous substances and product content restrictions. we expect our suppliers to follow these guidelines to maintain the environmental responsibility between minimum, the suppliers, the customers and the environment.