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hot outfits and delicious cocktails
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hot outfits and delicious cocktails – the perfect match

the summer has finally arrived and that means hot sunny days and long cheerful nights. at minimum, we especially love the nights and are likely to spend them with a cocktail in our hand. in corporation with loulou, the hottest cocktail bar in aarhus, we have picked the essential four outfits for these summer nights and a matching cocktail as the perfect accessory to each outfit.


a new member of the nightlife in aarhus

since the grand opening in june 2017, loulou has experienced a lot of attention and according to themselves the huge success is because of the exciting new concept as the “the new bold and place in aarhus nightlife”. commercial responsible frederik thode says; “loulou definitely stand out from the other places – but aarhus is ready for it and we are so happy for all the attention.” ”


a unique concept

loulou is located at the creek – also known as the heart of aarhus. the cocktail bar stands out with its unique decor and their high-quality beverage. operations manager nicklas seeberg tells about the concept; “we are perfectionists and always aim to optimize loulou to give our guests the best experience.” they describe their guests as fashionable and quality minded; “it is obvious to us that our customers focus on quality as well as we do.” we have found two female and two male outfits that would be perfect for a night out at loulou. hereto loulou have suggested the perfect accessory to each outfit - a matching cocktail mixed by loulou’s bar manager, piero vivona


feminine print and a fruity cocktail

the first outfit for a night out at loulou is for the feminine girl. one of this summer’s hottest trends is floral pattern and this printed tunic gives off a feminine and joyful look for the girl that loves to spend the night on the dancefloor. underneath the tunic, you will find the famous “little black dress”, which is a classic fashionable item. it fits perfectly to the colorful yet refined tunic and is providing you a layered look, which can be necessary for a night on the dancefloor. a pair of elegant high heels and a cocktail in your hand are the perfect accessories for this outfit and loulou suggests their signature cocktail named after the place. the loulou cocktail is described as fresh and fruity with a hint of lime and vanilla – a nice alternative to the famous strawberry daiquiry.


elegant details and a delicate cocktail

outfit number two is for the more sophisticated woman who likes to sit in the bar with a cocktail nearby. we have found a classy look with a detailed body stocking which with its elegant cut, creates a classy vibe to the look. paired with the body stocking we have found a pair of loose classy pants with great details and to complete the look we suggest an elegant trench coat. the ideal cocktail to go with this outfit is, according to loulou, a classic and delicate gin & tonic with a twist of grapefruit to give balance to the powerful gin. the tonic is served elegantly on the side making you a part of the mixing.


denim on denim and a daring cocktail

the third outfit is for the bold and trendy man who likes to take chances in life. the denim on denim trend has been around for years and it will not be going anywhere anytime soon – still it is considered as a daring look. the look fits perfectly to the scandinavian fashion based on simplicity and great details and is therefore picked out as a timeless outfit that is ideal to a night out in aarhus. for this outfit we have chosen a striped t-shirt under the denim jacket however, almost every t-shirt can make it for this cool look. a trendy denim jacket and a pair of denim trousers is therefore a must have in every man’s wardrobe to which a pair of cool sneakers would fit perfectly. for the daring denim on denim look a daring cocktail is suitable and bar manager peiro has matched it up with a unique cocktail – the bestseller cosa nostra which is created by peiro himself. he describes the cocktail as “a fierce experience where passion fruit, orange, honey and tabasco sauce is mixed for an incredible rainbow of taste”.


exclusive attire and an explosive espresso martini

if you love dressed pants, shirts and a bow tie, you will definitely love a night at loulou. the cocktail bars exclusive style creates a high end vibe which fits well with a characteristic slim fit shirt and classic pants - an outfit that expresses refined class. if needed you can easily match the outfit with a suit jacket or cardigan for the colder evenings. complete the look with a pair of broque shoes and an espresso martini, which is the men’s favourite cocktail according to loulou. the espresso martini has rich coffee flavor added a bit of sweetness which brings out a explosive and creamy combination.    


hot outfits and delicious cocktails
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