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festival season - highlight of the year

summer is here and that means it is time for festivals. we love the lively spirit, good mood, and great music that come with this time of year. the energy and vibe shine through all people in aarhus, which offers a wide range of festivals and events. each festival has its own unique factor - something that makes it stand out and therefore, we have decided to look deeper into what spot festival and aaarhus volume have to offer. with different perspectives, the artist eye win hoe and guest sofie terkelsen give you an insight in aarhus festivals.

spot festival - an artistic platform of endless possibilities

the people of aarhus love music in all genres, which is one of the reasons why the annual spot festival was created more than 20 years ago. the festival takes place all over the city at cultural locations and nearly every music venue; from small backyards to big scenes entertaining thousands of people. and this year minimum hosted a small concert as part of the spot festival. the diverse three-day festival offers more than a thousand musicians, dj´s, and singer-song writers performing on more than 30 stages. the artists are a mix of upcoming talents both danish and international, providing you with the newest trends in danish and nordic music.



eye win hoe

aarhus based eye win hoe performed at godsbanen in a collaboration between spot festival and aarhus volume. and for an artist´s point of view, we interviewed the man behind the band, simon axelsen about music, festivals and aarhus.


how was it to perform at spot festival?

“it was something special and probably the biggest thing i have tried in terms of music. the surroundings are really cool and the festival affects the entire city and makes it buzz with life for three days. everywhere you look, you see happy faces, music, and life. i really like the concept of smaller concerts because the artists get the chance to show their skills. the opportunity of playing my own songs at spot was really something special; the way the audience entered another world i created, watching them have a good time, and clapping at the end of each song was fantastic“.


do you have any rituals before going on stage?

“i love everything about concerts and festivals, so getting there early to get familiar with the place calms me down before a show. when i walk around the festival venue i figure out how to act on stage and what to do during the concert. if other artists play before me i listen to them but just before going on stage i unwind and stay in that particular moment. it is essential to be able to reset your mind and let the music do the job; just go with the flow and stay in the moment with your audience”.


what is your relationship to aarhus?

“i feel at home here in aarhus and enjoy long walks in nature surrounding the city. through the city centre i feel the vibrant life. past tangkrogen i feel the powers of the ocean while looking at the waves and feeling the wind in my hair. in mindeparken, everything is green this time of year and the bridge in ringgaden has a view to the train tracks - these elements of the city have so many exciting stories to tell. in the summer, when i walk in the area of fredriksbjerg, i always get a southern european vibe through the smells, sounds and the heat. all these impressions and thoughts turn to stories and ideas i use in song writing. besides that, the city is filled with cultural offers such as spot, northside, festugen, and i think they all create a diverse musical environment”.


aarhus volume - more than a street festival

aarhus volume is a new festival in the centre of aarhus and despite of the collaboration with spot, it also hosts its own festival. it takes place at godsbanen near scandinavian congress centre and offers a large number of established and up-coming artists on the four stages in the area. in addition to music, the festival offers a range of sports, art and food, which makes it a place for anyone. going there you can become part of the festival - gather your friends and sign up for the basket tournament, grab your skateboard and use the ramps or attend the creative installations and watch graffiti painters unfold. or enjoy the tastes from the street food stalls that serve food from several different nations.



sofie terkelsen

the street festival attracts a wide audience and one of them is sofie terkelsen. we asked her about her festival habits, fashion and her relation to aarhus.


what is the most important thing for a festival?

“to me, the most important thing is good company. i went to aarhus volume with my best friends and we had so much fun together. the festival is the perfect place to enjoy the summer and to meet new people - in general the social element of festivals means a lot to me and of course the music plays a central role. as a student, it is the perfect place to be because it is open and free for everybody. furthermore, it is in the city centre and easy to access. we began the day in the yard with a barbeque and cold drinks and joined the festival as the coolest artists were about to perform“.


what does aarhus mean to you?

“i have lived here for two years and i love it. the city is very multicultural but at the same time small and intimate; no matter where you are you always run in to people you know. even though the city feels small it is big enough to host a lot of exciting events - i would describe aarhus as the city where you are never bored”.


what is your favorite festival look?

“i always wear sneakers, shorts, a top and sunnies - if the weather allows it. moreover, i have a favorite item, which in my opinion makes the perfect outfit; my vintage denim jacket. this jacket has been with me attending several festivals over the years, and it never lets me down. to me it is essential that i feel comfortable. i hate when something is too tight - i want to be able to move around and dance with the girls by my side. all in all, my outfit has to be comfortable but still chic and good looking”.


where do find inspiration?

“instagram is definitely my biggest source of inspiration. here i check out a lot of cool girls but since fashion is a big passion of mine i like to spot new trends in my surroundings and places like festivals and concerts. i especially look for color combinations, cool details, big sleeves, and chic prints. i love nice details and to mix and match different textures to create a bold look. my own style is very simple and comfortable but still i try to apply daring colors and fun details”.


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photo: johan adrian buus, allan høgholm
video: billedstøj, janetta calalb

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