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care guide

rewear, reduce, rethink

clothes can wear out and fade over time. by being more mindful in the way you treat, clean and handle your clothes, you can extend their lifespan.

we all have a responsibility when it comes to treating the environment respectfully and we are in a constant learning process when it comes to doing so. therefore, we seek to inspire and involve our customers and business partners with these easy-to-follow suggestions below. the suggestions will inform you on how to treat your clothes in the best possible way.

wash less

do not wash your clothes too often. by reducing the amount of times you do laundry, you reduce your co2 imprint, and limit the wear on your clothes.

machine wash on lower temperatures

by washing on 30 degrees instead of 60 degrees you use half the energy. the washing label indicates the highest temperature allowed, and not the suggested temperature.

keep tumble drying at a minimum

not only will you save energy by air drying your clothes; the shape of the clothes will also last longer. we recommend that you centrifuge at the highest rate, removing excess water and thereby shortening the drying time.

iron your clothes only when necessary

save time and energy and reduce the amount of clothes you iron. place your dried laundry in the bathroom while showering, as the shower steam can smooth out wrinkles and folds in your clothes.

professional dry cleaning can extend the lifespan of your clothes

in order to maintain the quality of clothing items, professional cleaning is key. we suggest that you reuse your clothes repeatedly. allowing professional cleaners, to wash and handle your clothes, we advise you to never remove the care label from your garment, as it provides professionals with relevant information for the appropriate cleaning process.