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behind the aw18
moves stories

focus on the detail

the aw2018 collection has officially landed. with a various plate of burned and bright colors, new silhouettes, and attention to brave details, we are sharing a ‘behind-the-scenes’ on how we brought our autumn vision to life.



a varied color plate

the pictures for the campaign was shot in the nature reserve of mols bjerge located in the east of jutland. in the spirit of the wild and varying landscape, which is constantly under influence of all kinds of weather, it seemed like the perfect setting for our new campaign. warm and earthy tones set the scene and leave room for extensions.
behind the collection you’ll find our talented designer ditte bossen. she describes, how she finds a mayor inspiration in old vintage-stores. how the journey from the very first ideas to the final production only takes a month. often the process starts with an inspirational trip abroad. a stroll through brick lane in london is sometimes all it takes. or a skip through the medias: what’s hyped, what’s happening at the moment. back in the design cave at the headquarters in aarhus, and in a very old-school manner, she starts drawing sketches on paper with a pen, making cut-and-paste collages and moodboards.

a great diversity

for this season the inspiration was plenty; a mix of retro college inspired tees and sweats along with a corduroy suit and a check dress. the tough sports squad versus the geek club. polka dots and print. a playful, uncompromising and complete mix of two universes. all this makes strong associations to both the 70’s and the popular netflix series stranger things taking place in the 80's. all these trends fall under the theme retro academy, which is one of the two headers of this collection.


”make your outfit extraordinary
by mixing different prints and colors"


as a counterpoint and second header of the collection you’ll find yourself in the wild country. indoor is over n’ out and a shift towards the wild and free outdoor life is the new way. styles are inspired by hiking – a step against the growing digital world. it’s all about comfortable wear, being in the present moment and in one with nature.


brave is the new black

brave is the new black, and you better follow. this fall we're all about being brave in relation to different colors and prints. it’s about challenging yourself, daring to style differently, and daring to mix unexpected combinations. that’s what Moves is about, and this collection is no exception.