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an eco-friendly fabric
fabric focus – cupro

an eco-friendly fabric

cupro may not sound as familiar as cotton or wool, but it’s a fabric you should know about. the silky material is used in our spring collection, and has some unique and eco-friendly characteristics that are worth digging into.

designing a collection requires a lot of important decisions - this includes the selection of fabrics. fabric is much more than just the look - it’s a fundamental part for how you experience the style and its usability. cupro is definitely a material you need to know about when deciding what to wear.


the technical part

cupro is made from a natural by-product of cotton, where tiny silky fibers stick to the cotton seeds after the textile production. instead of throwing out leftover material, producing cupro makes it possible to use a larger percentage of cotton – making the fabric eco-friendly. the fabric is named after the cuprammonium compound used in the technical regeneration of fibers. cupro is a technical fabric made from the all-natural cotton plant, giving it the best qualities of both worlds.


all in one fabric

but what qualities does cupro have? as mentioned, the material has a silk-like feel – pair that with the breathable properties of cotton and you have a fabric that is comfortable to wear. other than that, cupro is a strong material with good stretch-resistance, it’s easy to wash, hypoallergenic, and it is vegan. also, the material requires less dye when being coloured – all adding to the eco-friendly nature of the fabric.

the styles ebba and delaine are both made in 100 % cupro. they come in a soft blue colour and are made with exciting tie-details on each sleeve.

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