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aarhus - the little big city
interview with designer marie sander persson

aarhus - the little big city

back in 1997, minimum was founded in the danish city, aarhus. the city has and continues to influence the brand significantly. we had a talk with our female design manager, marie persson about what kind of city aarhus is and what makes it so special.


how would you describe aarhus as a city?

“aarhus is a vibrant mix of youthful energy and rich history creating a lively vibe throughout the city. with only 300,000 thousand inhabitants, the city is known as the little big city. you can get your cultural fix at aros art museum or moesgaard museum, stop by one of the many trendy stores, have dinner at aarhus street food or a michelin star restaurant and visit the latin quarter – all for the atmospheric experience”.


what puts aarhus aside from other cities?

“what makes aarhus unique is that everything is within walking distance giving all areas of the city a subtle coherent feel – everything feels like aarhus. you have all the cultural offers and different oasis’ of inspiration that a big city should have without losing that local feeling. this is what makes you feel at home in a special way, which can only be described as hyggelig”.


what does fashion in aarhus look like?

“it is hard to say something that characterizes everyone because the diversity of the city also shows in its people. having said that, the people of aarhus have a more laid-back approach to fashion without being boring. it seems like you can always find a subtle personal detail, which makes an outfit stand out”.


do you feel that aarhus influences minimum as a brand and your design?

“definitely. being founded in aarhus, minimum carries the dna of the city. in regards to my own design, i think that the diversity the city of aarhus embodies is vital to the work we do on every collection. you have a lot of different styles, in different colours, materials and shapes – but all with a coherent feel. this is how i perceive aarhus”.