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a day in copenhagen
with kristian brandt

a day in copenhagen

kristian brandt lives in aarhus. he works fulltime as a kindergarten teacher but is also jobbing as a model and an instagram influencer (@kristianbrandt). we’ve been following kristian for quite some time because we love his cool, personal and minimalistic style that goes well with the minimum look.

even though kristian loves aarhus, he also has a soft spot for copenhagen. therefore, he invited us to the danish capital to show us his favourite spots. it was an exciting day and i hope you will be inspired by his suggestions to make the trip to the city.


brunch: hotel sanders

a substantial meal is the best way to start the day. and this is indeed what you get at hotel sanders – nice and delicious portions. the breakfast menu is simple and i especially recommend their smoked salmon, frittata or egg & soldiers.

kristian tells me why he brought me here: “i really like that sanders is located in central copenhagen. as a person from aarhus, i’m used to restaurants and cafes being rather close to each other, and therefore i don’t really have the need to find my way to and from østerbro and vesterbro to find a cool place to eat. also, the hotel is very nice and i especially love the cool kitchen atmosphere and their delicious and simple menus.”

brunch at hotel sanders.

culture: thorvaldsens museum

kristian talks a little about culture as we walk towards our next stop – a museum: “i’ve not always found cultural events and the like that interesting, but over the last couple of years it has grown on me. it’s actually funny that it’s coming now because i’ve always been very interested in history.”

thorvaldsens museum is kristian’s next stop. bertel thorvaldsen was a danish-icelandic sculptor and the museum has many of his original works. other than that, the museum showcases many of thorvaldsen’s different collections of paintings, antiques and drawings. we also had a look at the furniture makers’ autumn exhibition – a beautiful display of danish furniture. the most gripping, however, is the museum itself – as kristian said when we entered, “thorvaldsens musem is probably one of the most beautiful museums we have in denmark. when i visit it, i always get a paris and louvre vibe.”

and if there’s a place we love at minimum, it’s paris! thorvaldsens museum gets a big like from us.

thorvaldsens museum is very exciting. here, kristian sits outside the museum in our borg jumper.

culture: nikolaj kunsthal

we move on to a new location. this time we’re going to nikolaj kunsthal, an art exhibition hall. at the moment, there are three exhibitions. we go to the most colourful one, tegn (draw in danish).

the exhibition is made by huskmitnavn and its interactive element make it both suitable for children and adults. for example, you can draw on from sketches made by huskmitnavn. it’s a fun and different way to experience culture.

after walking around for a while, we sit down and talk about life in aarhus versus life in copenhagen. kristian says that he loves aarhus because everything is so close, which is not the case in Copenhagen – at least not in the same way. nevertheless, he loves copenhagen’s many possibilities and that’s also why he keeps coming back.

as we start to walk out of copenhagen contemporary, kristian says, “i think it’s cool with exhibitions that are a little bit different than standard exhibitions in classic museums. if you would like to have a different cultural experience, this is a great place.”

nikolaj kunsthal was a cool experience. kristian styled a great outfit with our gilbert blazer.

culture: b&w loppemarked

when you’re in copenhagen, you need to shop. kristian really likes flea markets and he takes me to refshaleøen after our visit at thorvaldsens museum. here, the gigantic b&w flea market is located in an old industry hall. you can find everything here; you can just walk around for hours searching for the exact piece you’re missing in your home.

and even though you don’t find that piece, it’s just “nice to look,” as kristian says.

when we went to b&w, kristian chose a more raw outfit. our koelby hoodie grabs the attention with its shiny material.

coffee/lunch: lille bakery & eatery

after the flea market walk, it’s time to get a cup of coffee and some food. kristian takes me to lille bakery & eatery, not long from the flea market. as we walked towards the shop, he told me that coffee hadn’t always been his thing.

“i used to say that coffee was something you drank out of a starbucks cup on your way to new york city, but during the later years this has changed. now, i just love coming at the local or go to places like lille bakery & eatery. their open concept is so cool, and the furnishing is just magical. it’s almost as you’re visiting a friend’s house – just in a bigger setting.”

when i enter, i see what he means. the room is really cool with exciting furniture. we sit at a table and talk about kristian's life as a kindergarten teacher and how he combines it with his life as an influencer. he doesn't feel it's that difficult because it's a hobby that he enjoys using his free time on.

for coffe, kristian was wearing a more casual outfit. our borg jumper with its stripe details is hard to miss.

after our coffee, it’s time to say goodbye. kristian is meeting up with a friend. myself, i have to catch a train back to aarhus at the central station. a fantastic day in copenhagen is over, and i will definitely return soon, so i can explore the danish capital even more.